Kat Regan: Blog https://katregan.com/blog en-us (C) Kat Regan [email protected] (Kat Regan) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:13:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:13:00 GMT https://katregan.com/img/s/v-12/u255874788-o250334031-50.jpg Kat Regan: Blog https://katregan.com/blog 76 120 Sing Blue Silver https://katregan.com/blog/2018/2/unique-photo-boutique Hello! Welcome back.

Oh heavens it's been a long time updating here.

Communicating in the 21st century is louder than ever before. There's an incredible amount of noise online, whilst it can be quite informative and hilarious often, at the same time it can be a challenge to stand out as much as it is to switch off. But it's not so easy is it? To extract yourself from the buzz, the eyes watching you, as you - they.

Absorb or be absorbed, what is it to be?

Philosophical musings aside, just having a little refresh on this here site, I saw that it's been a very, yrev long time since my last blog post - what has happened?

A swathe of activity of course! Only two years ago I was preparing my folio (see below and here) to be reviewed by a panel of judges.
With immense pride, the SWPP awarded me my Licentiate in Photography and I felt I finally arrived!

At about the same time I landed a role with one of my long time industry companions, its a huge thrill to share my passions, passionately. This gal is juggling sessions with couples, families, artists and supporting the collaboration with The Hart School of Dance. Phew! It sure has heck been hectic.

25 Years!

Bu-ut let's not overlook a little something...I had a dream to see the world. I left my beloved Australia 25 years ago on my birthday with that trusty Canon A1, never fully appreciating my eye for photography until later years. So to mark the occasion I'm scouring through my archives for imagery to share on my other portals on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Between them there will be a daily update of a series of images showcasing mostly never before published work...so do look out for them and enjoy!

In Loving Memory

In remembrance of my Mother in Law, Jackie - please support this worthy cause, the remarkable work the team at Isabel Hospice give to families of loved ones at a crucial time of their lives is so very important. Link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rememberingjackie

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Open Studios 2015 https://katregan.com/blog/2015/9/openstudios2015 Roll Up! Roll Up! Kat's up to no good again!

Grab one of these limited tickets designed by yours truly and come along to one of the biggest exhibitions on show this month!

Oh! It's been a while...a long while writing here. Whether I have been distracted by the amount of noise online, or the amount of offline projects, I have been quietly putting together a new *ahem* vision for my work.

I had been concentrating on photography submissions to the SWPP - The Societies, entered two competitions and preparing my first panel for mentoring, when something came along that seemed to sit with me well.

Over a number of years I have been a dormant member of HVAF (Herts Visual Arts Forum). This year I awoke with a new incentive.

Back in March members could book to take part in the annual Open Studios season that begins each September. This is an important date in any Hertfordshire-based artist's diary to take stock and review all they create, produce, endeavour and inspire with. This year in particular being the Silver anniversary and proving to be the most sparkliest.

So this has been my project for the last 6 months.

In the lead up to September, we have had a huge swathe of time in which to prepare ourselves before we swing open our doors and become exhibitors ourselves. In July, the Open Preview got underway at The New Maynard Gallery in Welwyn Garden City. I popped along to meet fellow artists, painters, sculptors, craft-makers and photographers sharing the hope and aspirations for their own Open Studio.

Now, the launch is almost upon us. 5th September. I've been working along with artists, suppliers and businesses in the East Herts area (or the A10 corridor), to reach each and every one of you. We have distributed thousands of Open Studio brochures to public places, like libraries, tourist info points, schools and other community groups. Our call has been made through the local press and Hertfordshire Life magazine plus many more media.

This final week of preparations will see me out in public handing out more Open Studios brochures and my own tickets to get people interested in visual arts.

Personally, I'd like to thank Nick at Creative Thinking in Cheshunt for taking on some of the publicity, as always a handy supplier of art materials.

Do come along and find us on our art trail. Discover just what it is artists do all day. It's free to visit any studio and there could be a hidden gem you might like to purchase, or seek to commission an artist for your own individual creation.

Here are some links to the wonderful artists in East Herts:

Jo Gill     Sue Nicholls     Ruta Bartkeviciute   Tessa Verrecchia     Linda Gifford    Stephanie Edwards    Gillian MacKenna   Annie Brash Kelvin

All details about dates and opening times can be found over on the HVAF Open Studios website.






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A Year in Review https://katregan.com/blog/2014/12/a-year-in-review Working as a photographer today requires so much more than taking a single picture.
This year I have been looking at my profession from many different perspectives;
a business, an art concept, a study, it's usefulness, projection and of course it's value.

My view on the journey I have undertaken with photography is one of constant nurture.
My work is like a third child to me, it already has two older siblings to compare and compete with, as well of course to love.
My daughter and son are my favourite subjects and whenever mummy is busy with photographs they get jealous and moan. Especially daughter saying, not the Peepshow again!

The Peepshow is my pop up exhibition that showcases my work to all and educates the inquisitive. I see the show as a way to reach out and inspire the lone creatives out there, as I know that often I feel that way too. The show has appeared three times so far and I'll be looking to travel more with it in the new year.

I'm still holding on to the dream of having a bustling studio constantly in production of creativity, funds permitting. In the meantime it's called the Kitchen Work Bench. It was here that my Rolleiflex/Canon hybrid camera housing was built.

I fell in love with the Minox miniature version years ago, but thought it an extravagant gift when I was becoming Mum 2.0. So missed the chance of owning one. This year as I was preparing to appear at a charity night for Stand Up 2 Cancer I hit upon the idea of building my own functioning twin lens reflex camera.  
Not just a TLR, but a housing for my DSLR (or my Canon to be precise).

As you can see from the above montage, it looks (and was) a mega craft project, with only a little blood sacrifice.
I brought in many materials from eBay to Hobby craft to build my Hybrid. Curiously though most of the chrome comes from old and new Mini vehicle parts. The 'film' winder is actually a Morris Minor window handle. I learnt that knobs on sound engineering equipment are called 'potentiometers', which I snaffled a few old ones on eBay...and the flashgun is an actual vintage Gilbert with the Photoflux bulb replaced with an LED spotlight.
And nothing can ever be done without Tesco's. Oh yes, I found a small television bracket late one night at their mega 24 Hour Extra store in Cheshunt to attach the whole unit to my tripod.

When I showcased the camera at the SU2C night, people could take a shot of themselves and then view their image through the top 'lens' opening, thus making them look closer at the whole unit itself. I explain that the Hybrid compliments my Peepshow cabinet and tent, as a curiosity for all to enjoy and to even hire for parties or events.


Where the show will take me in 2015 who knows. I'm keen now to spend my time taking more images on themes and work towards a second book. The annual Societies convention is happening in January, which a great melting pot of inspiration and knowledge to soak up.
Oh heck! My accounts!! Must. Get. Them. In!!

So this leaves me to thank all my family and friends and those in in my photography world for your wonderful support and custom this year. But especially those who want me to remember them when I get famous, (a huge and amusing compliment!)

Wishing you all the best for 2015 xxx


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A Charitable Affair https://katregan.com/blog/2014/11/a-charitable-affair What light through yonder window breaks?

As the nights draw in, the glow of my Mac gets brighter. With hope that I can be busy enough to distract myself from the darkness that envelopes us, I usually like to retreat under my duvet with a good book. It is time however to review ahead for the new year, tidying up outstanding folios and keep you all updated.

Then a little light shone from a lovely business associate Effi from Off The Rails. She asked me to join in with their fashion show in aid of raising funds for SU2C (Stand Up To Cancer). An event perfect to introduce to the Peepshow to a wider audience, but also to be a part of worthy causes.

It's happening this week! Yet for the last 3 weeks, I've been working on a special new gadget to compliment the Peepshow booth when I take photos so although quiet here, I'm simmering under the surface to the point of boiling over. So what could it possibly be you wonder? Well if you find yourself at a loose end this Thursday, please do come along, say Hi, join in the fun and you shall see.

Kat x

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Summer Storms https://katregan.com/blog/2014/8/summer-storms What a corker of a Summer!

Having completed 3 events from May to July recently, I was tempted to carry on through the summer break with my Pipsqueak Portraits. But of course I spoiled my children for time and have been spending most of the break with my family.

I've been so thankful for the Hart School of Dance who invited me for a 2nd year to photograph their Summer Show. Such a  wonderful team there and all the dancers and parents really supported in creating a great atmosphere for not only the performances but for the photo-shoots as well.

My debut as Kat Regan's Travelling Peepshow took place in June and we had some really great feedback on the concept itself. As the day's events went on in our little hamlet, I found myself explaining what my Peepshow exhibition was about in a slick manner. I don't want to give it away here - you'll just have to find my little tent somewhere in Stevenage soon. (Details below)


This Sunday 31st August, I'll be exhibiting at the Autorama's 5th Annual Hotrod & American Car Show

This is going to be a great event to showcase my work to all the great retro and car enthusiasts out there. In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned that I could name almost every car make and model when I was a kid. I used to own one of these too:

The 1970 XY Ford Falcon Still fetching a good price even after 40 years on! But I'm getting distracted here. All going well I'm looking forward to bringing the Peepshow out again - so hope to see you all there!

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Evolution in Motion https://katregan.com/blog/2014/5/evolution-in-motion Okay...one long deep breath...

It is the eve of a new promotional odyssey for me.
After a few quiet months concentrating on the business side of things with some of the best and inspirational companies and photographers in the industry, it's time to show off the fruits
of my recent labour.

Hoo boy are they ripe!


Since attending The 2014 SWPP Convention, I felt a change in the air. I listened in on webinars, attended seminars, ooh'd and ahh'd at some fantastic work, met many an inspiring person sharing in the hopes and dreams of making our own businesses just that much more special.

I finally felt confident that I can evolve as an artist and bring together all that I knew, learnt and dreamt of. My inner voice was calling to me all throughout my learnings, and it kept singing the same song -

"Yours isn't the conventional, yours will always be alternative, embrace and believe, then it will work."

A better explanation of how I normally work for example, is my bookkeeping. It is utterly atrocious, because I'd rather be  chasing a street performer willing to do me a favour at the last  minute, than crunch numbers.

Even now, as I begin to unveil my latest project I realise just how non-contemporary I am in my approach to business and the way in which I am promoting.



Dream a Crazy Dream for Me...

Almost every influence I can think of has been brought together in one package to charm potential customers and meet all of you amazing people that I, of course, want to photograph.

What I am going to share with you all in the next week, is a tease, an education, a discovery and good old fashioned fun for all the family. As I write, the jewel of my latest dream is being customised, and I cannot wait to see her metallic majesty when she comes back to me.

Most of all, I cannot wait to show her to you.
And I shall, in person on the 7th June at an oft-looked over little market town called Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire as part of their annual Summer Fair. I'll let the advertising speak for itself.

Don't be shy come say hi!




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The Societies 2014 Convention https://katregan.com/blog/2014/1/swpp2014-convention


Seeking new horizons...

Being a member of The Societies opens you to a world of knowledge in the photographic industry that inspires, informs and delivers all in a very welcoming community.

As I wandered around the convention, held at the London Hilton Metropole, I was observing all around me. I love people watching and I try to guess what was it that makes a photographer just that.

I'm quite comfortable speaking to new people, if by a chance shared table over coffee, or polite chat waiting for the seminars to start, we at least have something in common. So I started getting more inquisitive asking questions about how photographers see themselves.

Like any social group, you have the driven, the dynamic, the studious, the artistic, the technical and many other types, without going too far into labels. Yet I found apart from having that creative eye, we are all fascinated by documenting our world with our camera.

Intriguing tales abound.

The notion of seduction influences my style, that I've been digging further into a world of male desire and what it is they seek. Often I get requested to capture them in a nude photo shoot. It's not something I aimed to build into my folio...yet.

However there is a market for 'Dudeoir' as I found when I attended Graham Martin 's seminar on Friday.  Graham's beautiful images of Adonises gave me a better insight in what to expect when next a request comes my way. I do share his view on the nude being art and his work is delectable as well as erotic. Graham is a fun person himself, presenting his talk with a relaxed fun attitude. I look forward to saying hi to him again soon.

Schmoozing at Seminars.

The Convention was definitely a carnival of delights, with free demonstrations and the great Trade Show. It was a wonderful to see familiar faces like the team at MTA to have a friendly chat with. They hosted a seminar in Aylesbury with Richard P. Walton, whom I'd say is the Rock Star of photography :) I managed to watch him take over the road next to hotel with his location demonstration, trying not to get hit by Black Cabs.

Other talks I attended were with James Musselwhite of Closer Photography (who owes me a drink, if I find him at a bar), and Julia Boggio with James Derbyshire who are a fun couple with great insight into client handling.

Of course there were so many seminars that seemed to clash, that I was forever swapping and changing who I was going to see. However I must mention Jane Breakell and Catherine Connor of Aspire Photography Training, these ladies are right on the money with not just marketing your business, but BELIEVING in who you are.

I honestly felt I was the only person that got emotional during Catherine's seminar. I had to hold back the tears in the second half of her talk, as a few things started to dawn on me. Trust me, I have rarely felt joy and sadness at the same time, but there were some key words that struck me quite poignantly about what it is I have become over the years. Bless, Bless, Bliss!

Over the rainbow...

So, after a busy, informative and fun-packed weekend at the Convention, I came away with a wealth of knowledge and still a wealthy pocket. (I resisted buying the new Canon 70D even though the show price was good) I do hope there's a Canon Fairy out there or a Business Angel who might want to invest in Shhh! in the mean time it's back to fine tuning and shooting loads!

Ahh! Photoshop my Business - now there's an idea :D






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The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret https://katregan.com/blog/2013/10/the-lost-art-of-keeping-a-secret Don't tell anyone...

I've been privileged to many secrets throughout my life. People seem to find it quite natural to confide in me. Whether I respond in the right way, or empathise with good humour, I like to make you feel better within yourself.

My own secret is the desire to connect with like minded people, to dream and to laugh. If we have that symmetry of mind, I'm always blown away.

Bringing this feeling to my art has been something I've toyed with for a few years now. As of this October I decided to revive an old idea.



Visual imagery has sung the song of my heart and I'm here to reflect this through portraiture. Shhh! Style Photography is about bringing together ideas, styling, theatrics and wonderful people like you together.

It all started when I was asked to shoot an intimate portrait book for the bride to present to her groom on the morning of their wedding. After some clandestine organisation we spent an afternoon in her house working on exploring the posing the bride would know her groom would love.

Together, we achieved exactly what she imagined and she has kindly become my poster-girl for Shhh! The portrait book she gave her groom had the desired effect. The images certainly were enticing enough to distract him from his nerves on their big day.


Let your Love Shine

There have been many sessions since then and I've found that Shhh! Is about introducing you to confidence, to positive body image and the beauty of you. It is also about preparing you for your wedding or reviving your loving relationship. Whether you're the bride, the groom or a couple, I believe my Shhh! Sessions are a wonderful way to inject a fresh and sensual dynamic into your love life.

We've got something to reveal 

With the Shhh! Sessions you are given a pre-shoot consultation to discuss how you aspire to showcase your own unique style. Whether you decide to bring out your favourite lingerie, ballgown or the most extravagant collection of accessories and nothing else, the key is to explore how comfortable you will feel during the shoot.

The shoot lasts up to 2 hours and can be held in the comfort of your home or in a location with a unique stylish setting.
You have the option of additional services such as professional makeup and hairstyling. After the session is complete a private viewing is arranged, for you to choose your selection to be created in an album or framed print.

Pssst! Pass it on!

I do keep secrets well, although this is one I'm happy for you to share. If you are curious about seeing yourself in a unique light, or want to take part in a secret shoot, or even know someone who does, I await your revelations.
Session bookings are now being taken. There's a £50 discount to the first 5 bookings (£149 instead of £199). It's great present idea for you know who ;)

Kat x

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Love Conquers All https://katregan.com/blog/2013/10/love-conquers-all I cannot help but fall in love with the idea of Love.

But you see, this gal views love in a very unusual way.

Growing up in Australia where the men were tough and the women tougher, it seemed natural to me being a tomboy than anything sugar, spice and all things nice. That saying, I really had no choice. My siblings consisted of three brothers and seven male cousins, not too mention a father working in off shore gas construction and a stepfather who was racing stock cars. All of which my mother, my main role model and former ballroom dance teacher took on instead of teaching me poise and etiquette.

My darling mother became chief sidekick mechanic to my stepdad's racing days, and at home a tin roof repairer, plasterer and cycle repair lady extroardinaire! Activities in my youth consisted not of dolls and tea parties, but BMXing, soldiers, Lego wars, all kinds of fishing, cricket and Aussie Rules football. I could name most makes and models of cars on the highway as we drove along on our way to Claremont Speedway to see Alf Barbagello race with the sprint cars. I cycled all over Perth and Fremantle with my brother Séan and sometimes we caused chaos in the posher suburbs.

No wonder I picked up playing the drums at 15. I still wanted to be as tough as the boys and prove my worth. I would go out jamming in muso sessions with work mates who were brilliant guitarists and frontmen. But with all this around me I never had an official boyfriend!

I started to feel like an oddity...

By the time I reached 18, a young sun-kissed surfer declared his interest in me. It was the caution of my folks saying that 'He only wants a wife and a cook, you're too young to settle' that I never took his offer. So my natural femininity continued to be suppressed. But something unusual was happening. Something was possessing my heart and would not loosen its grip. It felt like I was in the embrace of a drug-like haze of infatuation of guys.

Girls you must know this story, the ones you love you'll never have. SIGH! So I continued my formative years wandering around with this burgeoning feeling of love to give someone and no-one wanted my heart!

Love can be any number of things. Passion, left to evolve at it's own pace lasts longer than anything impulsive. But if love feels natural then love is in it's purest form. Forget fireworks and electrifying notions. The essence of love is one of connection.

If you feel in your heart, kindness then you are capable of love. Not just towards a single person but in the friendship of many. Many of my friends I'm very much enamoured with. I do more than get along with you, I truly want to connect with you in a philosophical rather than Biblical sense.

So why a post about love?

There's always something new on the horizon here for me. I'm on the cusp of finalising one of my new projects which is capturing love for, by and of women. One beautiful woman, Zania of Alice in Weddingland, dangled a very tempting carrot in front of me and I bit hard! I knew straight away I could be a girl again and no longer the tomboy I've always been.

There will be an update in the next week discussing the photographic services I am offering Brides and Beauties alike. Trust me, it will be a wonderful experience for those of you who are allowing me to capture your essence.

Stay tuned for more and keep love pure x



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The Cult of Positivity https://katregan.com/blog/2013/9/the-cult-of-positivity Me, (of course), being ever the observer of all around, can detect a change for good in the air. After my last post I've put my radar into opportunities mode, and I've picked up so many friendly signals that my trigger finger is itching to fire on target.

So what has been happening of late? My trusty fellow lurkers might well wonder. If you follow me on Twitter I teased ages ago with a new update covering topics such as unexpected fancy, the joys of dreaming and even actual photography.

This year I've been on a new journey of self-discovery. I have been searching for an answer that sits well with me. So, I started proceedings for life as a student with the University of Hertfordshire. It was a great opportunity to have my work assessed by the tutors and I was very keen to sign up in September. Especially as I was to receive two unconditional offers in Fine Art and Photography.

Surprisingly, I declined.

Wait...What?!  It might seem an insane thing to do, but whilst deliberating I had some fantastic support from everyone both for and against my decision. After decades (eek) of wistfully wondering that a study in the arts would fulfill me, I realised all along I've had /am still having a consistent creative timeline. It was time now to harness all my resources, bring my skills to the fore and create newer enterprises.

Although I can't reveal too much now what it is I'm working on (booo!), it's rests so well within me and I've never felt so positive in a very long time.

So positive that I wish I could bottle it and give it away to you all.

One of my dear friends told me of a book called "Stop Thinking, Start Living" by Richard Carlson, and boy has it made my mind so much clearer now. We are never going to get away from the problems in our lives, but how we think about it using Carlson's method really takes the edge off things. In fact I haven't laughed so much in ages, it really is starting to rub off on others.

Now I must behave, and promise not to take too long for the next update...keep smiling all x






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Life The Universe and Everything https://katregan.com/blog/2013/2/life-the-universe-and-everything Imagine if you will, sometime in the early 1980s, summer school holidays spent in a remote part of Western Australia. Days would be hazy, hot with a red dust coating skin like fine powder. Relief only found at the local swimming pool that was sizzling as much as your skin in the days before we knew that sunscreen was essential.
The real cooling treat was to be had in the air-conditioned home of my father, who moved to Karratha in the 70s as part of the heavy construction teams in the Burrup. After a day in the sun, chlorine rinsed off I would settle down with a cola Freeza ice pyramid and the only TV channel (the ABC) available in the Pilbara. Life would never be the same again, when lime green words scrolled across the screen: DESTRUCTION OF EARTH DUE: 11:46:00

Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, introduced to me more than just sci-fi and English humour. His work introduced me to philosophy, and more to the point an absurd world-view I had yet to discover in when I entered my adult years.
In his radio, tv and books he observed the intricate complexities of the sometimes pointless politeness we get ourselves caught up in like Babel Fish in a net, the superior snobbery of our significance in this Universe, and the oft-curiously doomed view some people possess;

"Arthur: All my life I've had this strange feeling that there's something big and sinister going on in the world.
Slartibartfast: No, that's perfectly normal paranoia. Everyone in the universe gets that.
Ford: Don't panic... don't panic...
Arthur: So this is it. We're gonna die.
Ford: Yeah. We're gonna die."

"So once you do know what the question actually is, you'll know what the answer means.” Deep Thought

One thing that stuck with me from the TV series was the number 42 as being the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything. This was revealed by the super computer Deep Thought, morbidly obese in today's technology, after 7.5 million years of thinking.
How curious. Of course no-one knew the question, we were left only with the answer.

Today, after 20 years of being immersed in the English way of life, I now know the question. It is not one that queries, for me anyway, it is a quest to get to the answer.  
In 42 years of being on this planet this very day, my quest had entailed  a discovery of all that I need to know to satisfy my interests, philosophies and outlook. A discovery that will ease me through the next 42 years (or more hopefully!)

10 years ago I became a mother, 10 years before that, I left Australia, and, well 10 years before that I went to Sydney.
You don't want to really know what I got up to at 2 do you?
Okay, it usually involved chocolate being smeared everywhere thanks to my dear Aunty Noreen when she babysat me!

My quest probably, is really like everyone else's. We are searching our purpose in life and how we fit in.

In western culture we are often conditioned to achieve in a career or education, have financial security, go travelling on a wing and prayer, indulge in life's little luxuries, all in a fragile little bubble which we get carried away in.
Sometimes, though, we don't find the room to just exist. To be. To taste freedom from conformity, society, requirement and expectation.

I've been scratching my head for years now at the many possibilities I could achieve, the hopes in being a great female drummer, a respected graphic designer, the dreams of fulfilling those wild ideas I have in art and mixed media, the current striving for a workable photographic career that fits around my family life.
Some people just get on with it. Me, I just hold on to it.
I've accepted that I create when the mood strikes me, when the 'atmosphere' is right (I'm winking at you Mum).
When it is right, I find I have run out of time to attend to my family!


Success is having to worry about every damn thing in the world, except money.
Johnny Cash b: 26th February 1932

But I can safely claim now, at 42, I have reached the answer - even if in age only. But the quest or question is: How many years does it take before a human can truly understand love, laughter and life?

Even if that's not the right question, it's right for me today.
Okay so the world won't blow up/change on this discovery, I'm not sitting in a cafe in Rickmansworth, but in my world things have changed. and it didn't take seven and half million years to get there.
Just 22 million minutes!
Happy Candles to me.

[email protected] (Kat Regan) 42 Australia Douglas Adams', H2G2, Everything Galaxy" Guide Hitchhikers Life Photography The The Universe the to https://katregan.com/blog/2013/2/life-the-universe-and-everything Tue, 26 Feb 2013 14:16:18 GMT
Be the change you wish to see in the World https://katregan.com/blog/2012/12/be-the-change-you-wish-to-see-in-the-world Hello fellow lurkers! 

I think I can resume normal duties now, I just reviewed my last post and glad that I can report that things are on the up health-wise. A lot of self-analysis was undertaken as well as helpful support over the last 3 months. Husband has now been discharged as a patient too, he's happy with his PacMan squeezy ball to strengthen his hand, love him.

Hangon! Isn't this a photography website? (query the few of you who may read this), well yess...but I like my blog to be a bit of a philosophy corner. It's my little haven of thoughts; good, bizarre or otherwise.

These words have haunted me for years and started clanging in my brain: "She certainly has delusions of grandeur". They weren't about me, funnily enough, but somehow I must've wondered what it'd be like have grandiosity. I wonder if I was conditioned to think highly of myself and ended up absorbing those words. Because, although I have grand ideas, I'm frustrated that I'm not realising them. Probably for good reason!

This year, I thought I knew what I wanted and those cursed goalposts have moved again.

The number of projects overflowing in my head are simply not seeing the light of day. You will not believe how many lists have been drawn up, the likes of which Arnold J. Rimmer would be proud. But I'm confident, now that I have hot-desked to another environ that progress shall be made!

All that is left for me to say, is a big THANK YOU to all you wonderful people, who commissioned me this year, without you I couldn't keep this dream alive. Sounds cheesy I know, but I like cheese.

Peace to all and Happy Festivities xxx


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K.I.S.S. https://katregan.com/blog/2012/10/k-i-s-s Not in a million years would I know what dying would feel like.
At least I was convinced I was. Early in September my poor husband Simon, broke his hand. One week later, the night before his operation, I suffered a horrendous anxiety attack.

For a number of months I've not felt right. The glands in my throat became swollen and I was laid out for nearly a week.
My family have suffered my intense irritable moods and I just didn't know what the hell I was doing in all areas of my life. The only thing I did know, was that I was overdoing it.
Exhausted on this particular evening, (probably through concern over Simon's operation), an innocent nap turned into shocking wake-up call, where all my fears suddenly coursed through my body. I felt as if I was poisoned and something electric was buzzing through my bloodstream.

That was it, either the ambulance come take me away or I was going to collapse any time soon, from what I wasn't sure and would I recover in time to sort the kids the next morning?
Thankfully the NHS Direct helpline could talk me through symptoms even whilst I was heavy breathing down the phone to the poor nurse.
After 40 minutes I still didn't feel right, I had to call the emergency G.P. as well. Even with the G.P.'s understanding nature, I was given the same advice and slowly but surely (at least by 11pm) I fell into an exhausted sleep. The amount of adrenalin released must have been some kind of panacea.

Awake the next morning, I dragged my feeble self through the morning routine of taking the children to school. Though, this was the day of Simon's operation. I found myself trembling intensely all the way to his appointment at theatre. There was little respite for the rest of the day, running to and from school, then hospital again.

I was rigid with fear for the next 3 weeks. I was continually having waves of indistinguishable energy rising through me, heart palpitations and feelings of detachment. Nothing felt real anymore and it felt like I had a warning, that a real showdown might happen and it wasn't going to be pretty.

Anxiety is an astoundingly common condition and that it can happen to anyone. Yes, I've had anxiety before and even post-traumatic stress disorder. But nothing like this.

After a few days, I became accustomed to the signs and with talking to the doctors a few times as well as friends, I felt a little better day by day. I still felt worried about falling asleep as I kept waking up suddenly fraught that my heart had stopped. I had blood tests and an ECG (electro-cardiogram) test. All came back fine. I even had an App on my phone that would measure my heart rate, I was that worried! (Even though what I yearned for was a stethoscope to hear my heart and be absolutely sure).

So all was left was to think through the causes of the anxiety and strip all my issues right down, then start again. Oh and drop the coffee outright.
A friend gave me a book to focus on. Whilst an interesting read and with exercises to perform, it seems to compliment a new and positive outlook. I see it as a gift from her and to you Miss L, I love and thank you.
My poor darling husband did not have much of a nurse whilst he was recovering from his operation. Can we look back and find humour in this fiasco? I hope so. We've just had our 6th wedding anniversary and we were both ready to laugh again. We'll both be our best soon.

So if it was certain issues and the busy-ness in my life that had caused the anxiety in me, I stayed silent online. I will not give any more of my silly self until it is time.

As my Mother fondly told me with the K.I.S.S. - Keep it Simple, Stupid!

So I shall.



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Delusions of Delirium https://katregan.com/blog/2012/8/Delusions Usually I try to update once a month, and recently my militant thoughts about the naysayers of the artworld nearly reached this blog. However, I've mellowed down, plus Richard McKeever wrote a more eloquent piece on the subject of my most recent muse. Okay so she was 1 metre shorter than I first heard, but at 6 metres tall and with an enigmatic smile, movement of steam-punk grace, Lady Godiva came to town. Before you click on my gallery of Godiva Awakes, let me give you a little back story of the day she arrived...

Being a year of many celebrations there has been a buzz in the air. Good, bad, otherwise, taking part is what counts.  We kept seeing little yellow signs warning us of traffic delays in our area for Godiva Awakes. Google being a more direct source of info than our local council, I sought out what was happening on August 4, 2012.
There it was, Godiva Awakes, a monumental puppet powered by a 50 strong team on a Cyclopedia created by Imagineers Productions in Coventry.
She had a message to deliver to a Town Hall in London (Waltham Forest) and along the way she would be greeting the public. Delving further into the site, I learnt more about her creation and the influence of her story. What struck me the most was that Godiva represented a refreshing approach in bringing together so many talented people, often unsung, and together they created an incredible piece of art in motion. She was a gift from Coventry for all to see.

Having a break from all things fotográfico, it was this event that I thought was definitely worth bringing the 60D along to. Godiva would appear at a nearby town of Waltham Abbey and I knew the Lady would look great next to the Abbey Church. Plus King Harold, (of the famous Battle of Hastings 1066) her grandson-in-law has a grave stone in memoria there.

The crowds were slowly building once she arrived, many people were surprised and were phoning their friends in excitement to come down and see the spectacle. This event didn't appear to be widely reported, certainly not in the national media, except a few years back when there were scoffs at the concept of the Cultural Olympiad being developed and the money being spent etc. (Which I won't go into, I did research this but I'm not going to be political here).

Milling around I happily took a series of photos of Godiva, playing with a few settings and waited for her to stand with the help of her walking rig. Again I kept composition in check with her height and the Abbey behind her. Though it was only until I got home and reviewed the images in Lightroom, I was so happy I went along.
The scenes looked dramatic, especially the monochrome setting I used. Just a few tweaks on the camera and boy did those clouds look menacing!
(Edit: There was little or no post production on this set) Okay go and have a look at the gallery, then pop back...I'll be here...

Even with just the 18-55mm kit lens, I thought, my equipment had been a worthy investment. Although I'm a long way off from nicer lenses and peer reviews, if I like it...then that can only be a good thing and here's why:

Finding my voice
In the early days of this website I wrote that I wasn't raised or educated in a particular artistic way. Somewhere along my life, the sense of expression was inherent and intended, but strangely it became stifled. I understood the language of art in its many different forms, but I felt stuck at the observer level. I dared to think it was me who was doing the stifling, with self-criticism and being intimidated by others' achievements.
That sounds peculiar, I know! Let me put it this way; Art is not for the mutually exclusive and that if I freed up personal inhibitions, embrace a sense of belief, concentrate, only letting small morsels of influence filter in, I think I can start finding my voice and using it more.

Reality Check
Well, here's a big one. I am in my 10th year of working for myself. Shouldn't I be a CEO of my own conglomerate by now? I suppose it can be done, but then I did pick up two redundancies, two children, two pets, a mortgage and several crushing blows to my self esteem along the way.

Some people might wonder why I don't offer my services directly as a photographer online. I use photography as a means of expression, not primarily as a service. I do the occasional private commission and although I flirt with a variety of industries, I like to dip into areas for inspiration.

With not being a natural salesperson, nor a business expert, these are areas horrendously in need of review, my strengths lay in visualising. And I visualise pretty damn good with concepts. Too much, maybe, I see the end result of an idea, chart a path to it's realisation, then abandon until further notes can make it happen. (See what I did there? :D )

(Addendum) Feeling this post was a pithy cry for help - we have only one week left to get our offspring back to school, I'll be able to think clearly then.

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It doesn't Rain it Pours! https://katregan.com/blog/2012/7/it-doesnt-rain-it-pours "I'm only happy when it rains..." sang the enigmatic Shirley Manson of Garbage. I can say the same for me too, lashing down on the roof whilst cosying up at night with it's rhythm constant as a timekeeper for nature's weeping...

Did I mention to you that I am in a state of delirium? Weather is the one of the most talked about subjects in the world. Yet, when it's supposed to be summer outside and the heavens decide there is another plan afoot, I get a little off kilter with thoughts, so I'm just going to ramble on through this post as best as possible. Do bear with me, there's a dear x

Okay, as you may have read before, there were several big portrait sessions I've undertaken. A whole dance school twice and a several family sittings.

Everything seems to have flooded my workflow! Just like the rain, (what a coincidence!) So a balancing act ensued with post-production, enlisting a lab, (thank you Sim2000 Imaging!) then dabbling with some marketing ideas, as well as helping said dance school with promotions.

Sim2000 were on hand to help me create my first book to showcase the Hart School of Dance dress rehearsal group portraits, within three days! They offer a fast-track service that would leave most printers shaking their head in disbelief. I know, I'm married to one :D !  Before I could relax, the school needed assistance with their programme for their big show this Sunday, so I jumped on board to get it looking slick with the lovely Tina Holland. At time of writing it's going to press, finger's crossed and all that jazz!

You often find me wittering away on Twitter, but I have to say thank you to Zarn. A fellow Aussie that brings out the silly nature in me when we chat, and she runs one of the most desirable wedding blogs around. In fact, it's admiration mixed with envy because it's designed so beautifully. Being a bit of a magpie when it comes to design myself, if it looks good I'm usually there.

Speaking of design here's a sample of self-produced work that I exhibited last year to celebrate a certain milestone. Vanity was intentional, but only for this occasion :)




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Conundrums Ahoy! https://katregan.com/blog/2012/6/conundrums-ahoy May was a special month for self-assigned tasks. I promised to set aside 80 hours to concentrate on all things photographic. From methods to marketing, amazingly I managed to exceed this task by an extra 40 hours.
So, what have I learnt along the way? Where be the fruits of my labour and was this dedication worth it?

I'm still in the midst of about 5 sessions that aims to build on my technique. These images are slowly coming to the fore, some are private commissions so until I get release forms signed I can reveal only so much.
As for the learning curve, it's a very steep one that has many goals. I started the month reading Bryan Peterson's "Understanding Exposure". This was written in a style that I feel, helps the reader enthuse about photographic techniques, simply put.

I've also have been perusing through two of Michael Freeman's guide books, plus one by Brett Harkness. These are books that I could dip into to back up ideas I had for some shoots that were coming up this year.

Not to mention the myriad of information with the help of The Societies members, the Talk Photography forum, Photo Training 4 U and of course the many, many influential photographers out there.

As I hoped, I have come to identify my strengths and weaknesses in different areas, namely business and procurement.
I feel happiest creating images, presenting them on this website and perhaps even build on the dream of an exhibition or published work.
As far as commissions goes, it harks back to the days of being a graphic designer and satisfying customer requirements on spec. Often in meeting expectations, the high standards causes me to self-criticise too harshly and can have a bearing affect on the final result.

Since having children I've become more organic in my approach to things. There is a line between motherhood and professionalism that is difficult to blend well. This is not to say I am shying away from challenges, I simply do not want to emulate a business model if it disadvantages my health, finances and the harmony of family life.

This all sounds serious, trust me it is not so - I'm glad that I can see what lies ahead. The best thing is that there is nothing to stop me continuing to create consistent work that I enjoy.

And if you read this far, I wish to direct you to the inspiring words I've been following of Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai
(Thanks to a member on the Talk Photography forum who revealed this)



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Endearing myself as only I know how https://katregan.com/blog/2012/5/endearing-myself-as-only-i-know-how It's been over a week since I attended the Photovision Roadshow at the wonderful Sopwell House in Hertfordshire.
Despite finding out that I couldn't just borrow a friend's car as I am only a named driver on my husband's policy and despite that I had the kindness of my inlaws to get me there, I still had to battle against my nerves. Now surely you would think that I, Kat Regan, strikes you as a capable lass with lashings of confidence and a swagger to boot.

Well here be my confessional. I was quite daunted at the prospect of networking. Especially to meet highly established and professional photographers/organisations. At first I was happy to march in and let it all wash over me, but I was actually worried that I had no right to claim I was establishing myself too as a tog. So I steeled myself and conversed with Damien Lovegrove, Mark Cleghorn, plus
Simon James at F2 Freelance Photographer magazine, Katie and Terrie of The Societies (SWPP).

To my relief, all whom I encountered were so warm and delightful I felt like I found long lost relatives. Okay I'll be realistic,
I know it was a trade show, but at least it was friendly, and not pushy at all. At least from what I saw really sparked my energy more as I build on my work.

Without realising, I have actually being doing a lot of networking, albeit online. I call it net-schmoozing, by that I mean I engage wittily with people who intrigue me (but would probably be wobbly mess if I met them in person). Although places like Twitter are like yelling down a cavern, there are some wonderful and inspiring people to be found.

Now for anyone that's interested in my journey, I've compiled
a huge reading list alongside all my other tutorials that's going to keep me quiet for a while. Not to mention my affiliation with The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers which gives me the structure I need.
I have decided to set aside a minimum of 80 hours during the month of May to dedicate to all intents and purposes a revamp of my business.

This is a huge feat considering I already undertake the following roles of Artistic Developer, Financial Advisor, Human Resources, Social Co-ordinator, FMCG and Product Buyer all pertaining to The Family Inc.

As it is I started writing this blog on the 1st of May, there's more to come, but think of me piled under a small mountain of photos and paperwork. One thing for sure is that I am so grateful to have several bookings from portraits to theatrical
events which are a keeping it all so real for yours truly.

Photo:  Study of an Old Friend circa 1993.  Shot on Canon EOS 1000FN 35mm

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Imagination Runs Riot https://katregan.com/blog/2012/4/imagination-runs-riot Sometimes I have to save me from myself. 


I'm having a quiet moment assessing all the projects that are coming up this year, there's quite a few assignments to tackle which are exciting as well as challenging.
If I could spend all the money I could on these projects I would, to enhance them of course.

With a shortfall in lenses and studio space, not to mention time around my chief project: "The Family", I often wonder how I manage to push things along. 

Then of course there's the image editing fighting for time with studying. When I say study, not only is there the online tutorials I follow but the inspiration that I encounter that fuels my passion!

First thing in any major undertaking is a schedule. So up goes the wall chart and start ticking off the days. Then back to solving hierarchical issues on data base and sniff out archives for imagery.

The picture on this blog was taken nearly 20 years ago in Dublin with the Canon A1. It was night time so the only available light was from the shop window. It had a lovely luminescence to it with the lime green. Also see if you can spot the photographer. Shame to airbrush her out :)

So back to the boring stuff now. Just to add, please say hello in the comments or to me on Twitter @KatherineRegan - I like chatting about photos and design, as well as unusual business ideas.


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When one Idea turns into better Ideas. https://katregan.com/blog/2012/4/when-one-idea-turns-into-another Well, It's been an interesting two weeks.
The campaign to win a place in the top 10 of a photography competition is fast becoming a distant memory.
There were 37 (to be exact) seemingly already established, experienced or qualified photographers.

Then there was me.

Just a gal who could had a knack for composition but a lingering concern that technicality was lacking.

I campaigned heavily, for the chance to win some free training. Training at a cost that my household budget won't budge on.
So an 'apprenticeship' seemed perfect to chase after. But there were simply not enough votes that could carry it further. For those of you who did vote I am very thankful.

In the thrill of the chase I was suddenly facing the daunting prospect of understanding business and networking better. Erm, so I've got to get out there and shake my stuff? How am I going to do that with family needs and endless post-production? Massive learning curve which many of you out there always seem to do so eloquently and with not a hair out of place.

So the next idea? I'm following up all the wonderful people I met along the way. Then I'll be meeting an award-winning photographic company soon to help me conquer the technical issues.
This girl won't be a distant memory.

Photo: Gold Anubis Figurine waiting to be taken home

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VOTE for KAT https://katregan.com/blog/2012/3/vote_for_kat Hi all, I've just started a campaign to get people to vote for me  at http://www.phototraining4u.com/apprentice.html -

Please do! 

I've also created a video accompanying the drive for votes. It was quite fun making it on iMovie, I've never used the application before. It's been lurking on my Mac forever, until now. It came in handy just in time. 

That is how I generally work, something needs doing, somehow I get it done. Most things I have done in life have been self taught - or picked up along the way. 

When the video was being created, it seemed right to tell a real story. My two children are the funniest things to me, and I admit I have numerous horrendous images when I've tried in earnest to photograph properly.

Here's the text from the You Tube upload:

This is a cheeky plug to win votes for my first ever entry into a photography competition. I'm amazed that I made it to the Top 40, as I've started very late into making a career with photography. Plus, with juggling kids on one income (thanks Mr Slaughter) I'm just hoping this might work.

If you could go and vote for me, I might get into the Top 10 for final selection. Ooh it's just like the X-Factor! The team at PT4U urge all entrants to spread the message far and wide, so please tell your friends and their friends, Tweet it, Facebook it, Meme it, Celebrity endorsement? Yes please!

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When Passion and Reality Collide https://katregan.com/blog/2012/3/when-passion-and-reality-collide If ever I am accused of anything I would hope it would be this: that I am a very aesthetic person.

I have spent all my life being creative in many different ways; from illustration to graphics, music and theatre. But what drove me into experimenting in these areas? I wasn't raised or educated in a particularly artistic way, though I was encouraged to use freedom of expression and to seek out what I enjoy the most.

When something is beautifully presented it enlivens me, it fuels my desire to come up with something as clever, expressive and distinct.
As I follow my path in the arts, (somewhat haphazardly) I often get lost and forget about the realities of life. Quite stubbornly too as I'm determined to make my passion a workable career.

Photography is something I wished I pursued properly years ago, but better late than never. My gallery is evolving, there's a backlog of work to present, so it's a very exciting time to reach some new goals.

Extra News!

I am a contender for the Phototraining4U.com Fashion Apprentice 2012. There's 40 of us photographers waiting to be voted into 10 places before final selection by the team at PT4U.

Link: http://phototraining4u.com/apprentice.html




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