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December 17, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Hello fellow lurkers! 

I think I can resume normal duties now, I just reviewed my last post and glad that I can report that things are on the up health-wise. A lot of self-analysis was undertaken as well as helpful support over the last 3 months. Husband has now been discharged as a patient too, he's happy with his PacMan squeezy ball to strengthen his hand, love him.

Hangon! Isn't this a photography website? (query the few of you who may read this), well yess...but I like my blog to be a bit of a philosophy corner. It's my little haven of thoughts; good, bizarre or otherwise.

These words have haunted me for years and started clanging in my brain: "She certainly has delusions of grandeur". They weren't about me, funnily enough, but somehow I must've wondered what it'd be like have grandiosity. I wonder if I was conditioned to think highly of myself and ended up absorbing those words. Because, although I have grand ideas, I'm frustrated that I'm not realising them. Probably for good reason!

This year, I thought I knew what I wanted and those cursed goalposts have moved again.

The number of projects overflowing in my head are simply not seeing the light of day. You will not believe how many lists have been drawn up, the likes of which Arnold J. Rimmer would be proud. But I'm confident, now that I have hot-desked to another environ that progress shall be made!

All that is left for me to say, is a big THANK YOU to all you wonderful people, who commissioned me this year, without you I couldn't keep this dream alive. Sounds cheesy I know, but I like cheese.

Peace to all and Happy Festivities xxx



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