When Passion and Reality Collide

March 19, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

If ever I am accused of anything I would hope it would be this: that I am a very aesthetic person.

I have spent all my life being creative in many different ways; from illustration to graphics, music and theatre. But what drove me into experimenting in these areas? I wasn't raised or educated in a particularly artistic way, though I was encouraged to use freedom of expression and to seek out what I enjoy the most.

When something is beautifully presented it enlivens me, it fuels my desire to come up with something as clever, expressive and distinct.
As I follow my path in the arts, (somewhat haphazardly) I often get lost and forget about the realities of life. Quite stubbornly too as I'm determined to make my passion a workable career.

Photography is something I wished I pursued properly years ago, but better late than never. My gallery is evolving, there's a backlog of work to present, so it's a very exciting time to reach some new goals.

Extra News!

I am a contender for the Phototraining4U.com Fashion Apprentice 2012. There's 40 of us photographers waiting to be voted into 10 places before final selection by the team at PT4U.

Link: http://phototraining4u.com/apprentice.html





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