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February 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hello! Welcome back.

Oh heavens it's been a long time updating here.

Communicating in the 21st century is louder than ever before. There's an incredible amount of noise online, whilst it can be quite informative and hilarious often, at the same time it can be a challenge to stand out as much as it is to switch off. But it's not so easy is it? To extract yourself from the buzz, the eyes watching you, as you - they.

Absorb or be absorbed, what is it to be?

Philosophical musings aside, just having a little refresh on this here site, I saw that it's been a very, yrev long time since my last blog post - what has happened?

A swathe of activity of course! Only two years ago I was preparing my folio (see below and here) to be reviewed by a panel of judges.
With immense pride, the SWPP awarded me my Licentiate in Photography and I felt I finally arrived!

At about the same time I landed a role with one of my long time industry companions, its a huge thrill to share my passions, passionately. This gal is juggling sessions with couples, families, artists and supporting the collaboration with The Hart School of Dance. Phew! It sure has heck been hectic.

25 Years!

Bu-ut let's not overlook a little something...I had a dream to see the world. I left my beloved Australia 25 years ago on my birthday with that trusty Canon A1, never fully appreciating my eye for photography until later years. So to mark the occasion I'm scouring through my archives for imagery to share on my other portals on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Between them there will be a daily update of a series of images showcasing mostly never before published do look out for them and enjoy!

In Loving Memory

In remembrance of my Mother in Law, Jackie - please support this worthy cause, the remarkable work the team at Isabel Hospice give to families of loved ones at a crucial time of their lives is so very important. Link:


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