When one Idea turns into better Ideas.

April 02, 2012  •  1 Comment

Well, It's been an interesting two weeks.
The campaign to win a place in the top 10 of a photography competition is fast becoming a distant memory.
There were 37 (to be exact) seemingly already established, experienced or qualified photographers.

Then there was me.

Just a gal who could had a knack for composition but a lingering concern that technicality was lacking.

I campaigned heavily, for the chance to win some free training. Training at a cost that my household budget won't budge on.
So an 'apprenticeship' seemed perfect to chase after. But there were simply not enough votes that could carry it further. For those of you who did vote I am very thankful.

In the thrill of the chase I was suddenly facing the daunting prospect of understanding business and networking better. Erm, so I've got to get out there and shake my stuff? How am I going to do that with family needs and endless post-production? Massive learning curve which many of you out there always seem to do so eloquently and with not a hair out of place.

So the next idea? I'm following up all the wonderful people I met along the way. Then I'll be meeting an award-winning photographic company soon to help me conquer the technical issues.
This girl won't be a distant memory.

Photo: Gold Anubis Figurine waiting to be taken home


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