Imagination Runs Riot

April 12, 2012  •  1 Comment

Sometimes I have to save me from myself. 


I'm having a quiet moment assessing all the projects that are coming up this year, there's quite a few assignments to tackle which are exciting as well as challenging.
If I could spend all the money I could on these projects I would, to enhance them of course.

With a shortfall in lenses and studio space, not to mention time around my chief project: "The Family", I often wonder how I manage to push things along. 

Then of course there's the image editing fighting for time with studying. When I say study, not only is there the online tutorials I follow but the inspiration that I encounter that fuels my passion!

First thing in any major undertaking is a schedule. So up goes the wall chart and start ticking off the days. Then back to solving hierarchical issues on data base and sniff out archives for imagery.

The picture on this blog was taken nearly 20 years ago in Dublin with the Canon A1. It was night time so the only available light was from the shop window. It had a lovely luminescence to it with the lime green. Also see if you can spot the photographer. Shame to airbrush her out :)

So back to the boring stuff now. Just to add, please say hello in the comments or to me on Twitter @KatherineRegan - I like chatting about photos and design, as well as unusual business ideas.



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