Endearing myself as only I know how

May 03, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

It's been over a week since I attended the Photovision Roadshow at the wonderful Sopwell House in Hertfordshire.
Despite finding out that I couldn't just borrow a friend's car as I am only a named driver on my husband's policy and despite that I had the kindness of my inlaws to get me there, I still had to battle against my nerves. Now surely you would think that I, Kat Regan, strikes you as a capable lass with lashings of confidence and a swagger to boot.

Well here be my confessional. I was quite daunted at the prospect of networking. Especially to meet highly established and professional photographers/organisations. At first I was happy to march in and let it all wash over me, but I was actually worried that I had no right to claim I was establishing myself too as a tog. So I steeled myself and conversed with Damien Lovegrove, Mark Cleghorn, plus
Simon James at F2 Freelance Photographer magazine, Katie and Terrie of The Societies (SWPP).

To my relief, all whom I encountered were so warm and delightful I felt like I found long lost relatives. Okay I'll be realistic,
I know it was a trade show, but at least it was friendly, and not pushy at all. At least from what I saw really sparked my energy more as I build on my work.

Without realising, I have actually being doing a lot of networking, albeit online. I call it net-schmoozing, by that I mean I engage wittily with people who intrigue me (but would probably be wobbly mess if I met them in person). Although places like Twitter are like yelling down a cavern, there are some wonderful and inspiring people to be found.

Now for anyone that's interested in my journey, I've compiled
a huge reading list alongside all my other tutorials that's going to keep me quiet for a while. Not to mention my affiliation with The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers which gives me the structure I need.
I have decided to set aside a minimum of 80 hours during the month of May to dedicate to all intents and purposes a revamp of my business.

This is a huge feat considering I already undertake the following roles of Artistic Developer, Financial Advisor, Human Resources, Social Co-ordinator, FMCG and Product Buyer all pertaining to The Family Inc.

As it is I started writing this blog on the 1st of May, there's more to come, but think of me piled under a small mountain of photos and paperwork. One thing for sure is that I am so grateful to have several bookings from portraits to theatrical
events which are a keeping it all so real for yours truly.

Photo:  Study of an Old Friend circa 1993.  Shot on Canon EOS 1000FN 35mm


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