Love Conquers All

October 03, 2013  •  2 Comments

I cannot help but fall in love with the idea of Love.

But you see, this gal views love in a very unusual way.

Growing up in Australia where the men were tough and the women tougher, it seemed natural to me being a tomboy than anything sugar, spice and all things nice. That saying, I really had no choice. My siblings consisted of three brothers and seven male cousins, not too mention a father working in off shore gas construction and a stepfather who was racing stock cars. All of which my mother, my main role model and former ballroom dance teacher took on instead of teaching me poise and etiquette.

My darling mother became chief sidekick mechanic to my stepdad's racing days, and at home a tin roof repairer, plasterer and cycle repair lady extroardinaire! Activities in my youth consisted not of dolls and tea parties, but BMXing, soldiers, Lego wars, all kinds of fishing, cricket and Aussie Rules football. I could name most makes and models of cars on the highway as we drove along on our way to Claremont Speedway to see Alf Barbagello race with the sprint cars. I cycled all over Perth and Fremantle with my brother Séan and sometimes we caused chaos in the posher suburbs.

No wonder I picked up playing the drums at 15. I still wanted to be as tough as the boys and prove my worth. I would go out jamming in muso sessions with work mates who were brilliant guitarists and frontmen. But with all this around me I never had an official boyfriend!

I started to feel like an oddity...

By the time I reached 18, a young sun-kissed surfer declared his interest in me. It was the caution of my folks saying that 'He only wants a wife and a cook, you're too young to settle' that I never took his offer. So my natural femininity continued to be suppressed. But something unusual was happening. Something was possessing my heart and would not loosen its grip. It felt like I was in the embrace of a drug-like haze of infatuation of guys.

Girls you must know this story, the ones you love you'll never have. SIGH! So I continued my formative years wandering around with this burgeoning feeling of love to give someone and no-one wanted my heart!

Love can be any number of things. Passion, left to evolve at it's own pace lasts longer than anything impulsive. But if love feels natural then love is in it's purest form. Forget fireworks and electrifying notions. The essence of love is one of connection.

If you feel in your heart, kindness then you are capable of love. Not just towards a single person but in the friendship of many. Many of my friends I'm very much enamoured with. I do more than get along with you, I truly want to connect with you in a philosophical rather than Biblical sense.

So why a post about love?

There's always something new on the horizon here for me. I'm on the cusp of finalising one of my new projects which is capturing love for, by and of women. One beautiful woman, Zania of Alice in Weddingland, dangled a very tempting carrot in front of me and I bit hard! I knew straight away I could be a girl again and no longer the tomboy I've always been.

There will be an update in the next week discussing the photographic services I am offering Brides and Beauties alike. Trust me, it will be a wonderful experience for those of you who are allowing me to capture your essence.

Stay tuned for more and keep love pure x




Not sure if you received this before so here I go again. This is the Chief Mechanic, Tin Roof Installer, Bike Repairer & Plasterer oh! and not forgetting Former Ballroom/Latin Amercian Dance Teacher who was highly amused by your Blog. I would just like to add I also had an upbringing of doing so called boys or man's things as out of necessity not having a male figure to do them and so learnt poise & etiquette as my life unfolded the same as you have done and learnt it eloquently and know how to use these qualities when the need arises plus you have a good understanding of both genders and are able to stand up for yourself and can hold your head high with all your achievements since leaving your Homeland for the shores of Ol' Blighty. So Never question your Feminity as "YOU ROCK GIRL'' and My Beautiful Daughter I LOVE YOU DEARLY My Child of Promises forever in my Heart and Thoughts Your Mum xxx xxx
This is the Chief Mechanic, Bike Repairer, Tin Roof Fixer & Plasterer who was very amused by your Blog.
But would like to add that I also had an upbringing of having to do (Manly) things as it was a necessity due to not having my Father to do them. I learnt poise & etiquette as my life unfolded the same as you have done and learnt it all eloquently plus you also have a good understanding of both Genders and are able to stand up for yourself & can hold your head up HIGH with all your Achievements since leaving your homeland here in Perth W.A. for the shores of Ol' Blighty.
Lastly never question your Feminity as 'YOU ROCK GIRL' and I Love you Dearly My Beautiful Daughter
My Child of Promises
Forever in my Thoughts & Heart Your Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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