The Cult of Positivity

September 24, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Me, (of course), being ever the observer of all around, can detect a change for good in the air. After my last post I've put my radar into opportunities mode, and I've picked up so many friendly signals that my trigger finger is itching to fire on target.

So what has been happening of late? My trusty fellow lurkers might well wonder. If you follow me on Twitter I teased ages ago with a new update covering topics such as unexpected fancy, the joys of dreaming and even actual photography.

This year I've been on a new journey of self-discovery. I have been searching for an answer that sits well with me. So, I started proceedings for life as a student with the University of Hertfordshire. It was a great opportunity to have my work assessed by the tutors and I was very keen to sign up in September. Especially as I was to receive two unconditional offers in Fine Art and Photography.

Surprisingly, I declined.

Wait...What?!  It might seem an insane thing to do, but whilst deliberating I had some fantastic support from everyone both for and against my decision. After decades (eek) of wistfully wondering that a study in the arts would fulfill me, I realised all along I've had /am still having a consistent creative timeline. It was time now to harness all my resources, bring my skills to the fore and create newer enterprises.

Although I can't reveal too much now what it is I'm working on (booo!), it's rests so well within me and I've never felt so positive in a very long time.

So positive that I wish I could bottle it and give it away to you all.

One of my dear friends told me of a book called "Stop Thinking, Start Living" by Richard Carlson, and boy has it made my mind so much clearer now. We are never going to get away from the problems in our lives, but how we think about it using Carlson's method really takes the edge off things. In fact I haven't laughed so much in ages, it really is starting to rub off on others.

Now I must behave, and promise not to take too long for the next update...keep smiling all x







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