The Societies 2014 Convention

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Seeking new horizons...

Being a member of The Societies opens you to a world of knowledge in the photographic industry that inspires, informs and delivers all in a very welcoming community.

As I wandered around the convention, held at the London Hilton Metropole, I was observing all around me. I love people watching and I try to guess what was it that makes a photographer just that.

I'm quite comfortable speaking to new people, if by a chance shared table over coffee, or polite chat waiting for the seminars to start, we at least have something in common. So I started getting more inquisitive asking questions about how photographers see themselves.

Like any social group, you have the driven, the dynamic, the studious, the artistic, the technical and many other types, without going too far into labels. Yet I found apart from having that creative eye, we are all fascinated by documenting our world with our camera.

Intriguing tales abound.

The notion of seduction influences my style, that I've been digging further into a world of male desire and what it is they seek. Often I get requested to capture them in a nude photo shoot. It's not something I aimed to build into my folio...yet.

However there is a market for 'Dudeoir' as I found when I attended Graham Martin 's seminar on Friday.  Graham's beautiful images of Adonises gave me a better insight in what to expect when next a request comes my way. I do share his view on the nude being art and his work is delectable as well as erotic. Graham is a fun person himself, presenting his talk with a relaxed fun attitude. I look forward to saying hi to him again soon.

Schmoozing at Seminars.

The Convention was definitely a carnival of delights, with free demonstrations and the great Trade Show. It was a wonderful to see familiar faces like the team at MTA to have a friendly chat with. They hosted a seminar in Aylesbury with Richard P. Walton, whom I'd say is the Rock Star of photography :) I managed to watch him take over the road next to hotel with his location demonstration, trying not to get hit by Black Cabs.

Other talks I attended were with James Musselwhite of Closer Photography (who owes me a drink, if I find him at a bar), and Julia Boggio with James Derbyshire who are a fun couple with great insight into client handling.

Of course there were so many seminars that seemed to clash, that I was forever swapping and changing who I was going to see. However I must mention Jane Breakell and Catherine Connor of Aspire Photography Training, these ladies are right on the money with not just marketing your business, but BELIEVING in who you are.

I honestly felt I was the only person that got emotional during Catherine's seminar. I had to hold back the tears in the second half of her talk, as a few things started to dawn on me. Trust me, I have rarely felt joy and sadness at the same time, but there were some key words that struck me quite poignantly about what it is I have become over the years. Bless, Bless, Bliss!

Over the rainbow...

So, after a busy, informative and fun-packed weekend at the Convention, I came away with a wealth of knowledge and still a wealthy pocket. (I resisted buying the new Canon 70D even though the show price was good) I do hope there's a Canon Fairy out there or a Business Angel who might want to invest in Shhh! in the mean time it's back to fine tuning and shooting loads!

Ahh! Photoshop my Business - now there's an idea :D







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