Evolution in Motion

May 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Okay...one long deep breath...

It is the eve of a new promotional odyssey for me.
After a few quiet months concentrating on the business side of things with some of the best and inspirational companies and photographers in the industry, it's time to show off the fruits
of my recent labour.

Hoo boy are they ripe!


Since attending The 2014 SWPP Convention, I felt a change in the air. I listened in on webinars, attended seminars, ooh'd and ahh'd at some fantastic work, met many an inspiring person sharing in the hopes and dreams of making our own businesses just that much more special.

I finally felt confident that I can evolve as an artist and bring together all that I knew, learnt and dreamt of. My inner voice was calling to me all throughout my learnings, and it kept singing the same song -

"Yours isn't the conventional, yours will always be alternative, embrace and believe, then it will work."

A better explanation of how I normally work for example, is my bookkeeping. It is utterly atrocious, because I'd rather be  chasing a street performer willing to do me a favour at the last  minute, than crunch numbers.

Even now, as I begin to unveil my latest project I realise just how non-contemporary I am in my approach to business and the way in which I am promoting.



Dream a Crazy Dream for Me...

Almost every influence I can think of has been brought together in one package to charm potential customers and meet all of you amazing people that I, of course, want to photograph.

What I am going to share with you all in the next week, is a tease, an education, a discovery and good old fashioned fun for all the family. As I write, the jewel of my latest dream is being customised, and I cannot wait to see her metallic majesty when she comes back to me.

Most of all, I cannot wait to show her to you.
And I shall, in person on the 7th June at an oft-looked over little market town called Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire as part of their annual Summer Fair. I'll let the advertising speak for itself.

Don't be shy come say hi!





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